Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Do you ever...

Do you ever think something is going to be really tricky....

well nigh impossible....

so you put it off for ages and ages....

you look at it and shake your head....

you put it on a shelf...

and try to forget about it?

And then someone comes along and challenges you to do it....

and when you do get stuck in you feel silly .....

because it was easy....

your imagination had made it more difficult than it was....

and you could have done it ages ago? 

This wasn't very flat I ironed it!

I decided I wanted to quilt it with some shiny Rayon Madeira embroidery thread - I was scared of that Rayon thread I practiced with it!

I pinned the heart a lot ....and it went surprisingly.  I love the shiny thread on the shiny Oakshott fabric.  

The heart is all quilted and I'm trying to decide how to quilt the background. 

My two thoughts are big poofy feathers ....but I'm not as good at this as I'd like to be (I want to quilt like Trudi - never going to happen in my lifetime!)

Or straight vertical lines....which are never very straight when I do them and I find very boring to do

Hmm tricky choice!


  1. i would do over the top hearts i think on the white or echo the big heart, or just meander it. This quilt is so lovely in all its simplicity (its not the word i am looking for but it will have to do) that maybe everything is too muchs and meandering will be enough?. Love that shiny thread on the solids too. And even the "simple" meander gives it something extra.

  2. Nicky, it's so beautiful! Listen, sometimes we just need our brains to catch up with our creative hearts and that takes time. You'll start in when you're good and ready :)

  3. I have no idea how to quilt it, but I think it looks fab. Aren't I helpful ;-)

  4. looks great, I like the idea of straight lines , will look as though the heart is like the sun radiating out
    just mho!

  5. yep been there .. and wondered WHY did I keep putting it off! .. looks great x

  6. well done you!!
    love your siblings quilts too, they are amazing.

  7. I'd go for the feathers, they're easier than you think and if you have enough, the odd wonky one is hidden with the others ;) Even I can do it!

  8. Is it your imagination again that is telling you the feathers would be hard to do? Give it another try. Quilting feathers will eventually become easy. Good luck. The heart quilt is lovely.

  9. it's looking gorgeous. how about big loops with some hearts in the background? More interesting that just a stipple...

  10. I do it all the time. This looks great with your stippling. Not sure about the rest but I'm sure you'll make a good choice.

  11. Looking great! But my brain's gone to sleep, sorry (right enough, that was a while ago...)

  12. I do that a lot. This has turned out beautifully. Hopefully your quilting reservation are just more of the same and the rest will be easier than you're expecting :)

  13. Gorgeous! Have FunWith the quilting !

  14. I'm catching up with comments so I know you no longer need help with this!! Well done for tackling a seemingly tricky project!

  15. What about loose loopy with hearts? I love this quilt and the thread looks great on the Oakshott.

  16. I hope you do the feathers, they will be better as time goes on. But wow, I use one pin for every 6" or so in every direction, you sure have a million pins there.


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