Saturday, 5 July 2014

Finish Along Quarter 3!

The Finish Along has helped me enormously in tackling my long list of UFOs - so a big thanks to Rhonda, Leanne and now Katy in helping to sort me out.  I have to add my lovely friends from the Lazy Bums in the credits as they are helping on a monthly basis.  Plus some other helpful regulators on IG and elsewhere - you know who you are and have all helped me this past quarter!

So now I have seven UFOs left - these seven....

Three are still in bits - Tulip Dance (top Right), Vintage Circles (3rd from top Right) and Sewing Words (middle bottom row)

The other four are tops - Friendship Garden (large photo), Hexy Big Balls (2nd from top Right),  Love Heart (bottom right) and Stingy Bee Plus quilt (bottom left)

And just in case I finish a few of these in this quarter I am listing these slightly started projects to take their place...

Sample Swap baskets for FQR - using this Routemaster bus design updated to 2014 of course!

Chevron quilt using my Sizzix machine to cut the fabrics which will include the lovely hand screen printed Blueberry Park fabrics from my talented friend Karen!  Not sure what the layout will be but it will include one or maybe even all of these...

Clamshell quilt - another Sizzix project....

Christmas quilt - just one of the blocks planned for this quilt - already a stash of fabrics collected...

This Flowering Snowball Along project planned on EQ

And my Siblings Together Quilt and clone 

Could be I've finished one of these already!

Think this might just keep me busy....

Finish Along 2014


  1. Is it time to list our goals already? Your quilts are always lovely. I've no doubt you will finish : )

  2. Your sewing room is full of the best projects!

  3. What a fabulous quarter you are having! Your applique is so very pretty!

  4. The best thing about finishing a project is you can make more :D Looking good that list of yours.

  5. Well, going on your previous record you'll do all of these and a few more!

  6. Well that should keep you going for a month or so... ;o)

  7. And what are you going to do for the other twelve weeks of the quarter?

  8. lots of loveliness this quarter. so glad to see my favourite friendship garden making an appearance.

  9. Well, you were so productive with Q2 I have every faith you will get these done

  10. wow do you actually have any WIPs left?? silly question I know! And can't wait to see the chevron quilt progress!

  11. Another huge list, I have every faith in you.

  12. Hmmm, they look suspiciously like new projects to me. Unauthorised new projects at that. We need to have words, young lady...

  13. That's a very impressive list, Nicky! Fingers crossed you're as productive as last quarter.


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