Saturday 8 July 2017

Finish Along Quarter Three - same list as Quarter Two - this is ridiculous!

 Sneaking in at the last minute.....I have done very little except gardening of late so my list is the same as last quarter

1. I have made progress with this quilt, which is my take on Jen Kingwell's Bring Me Flowers.  I have added my own blocks and will be finishing it differently.  I love that Jen Kingwell look.

2. Next up is my Stingy Bee quilt from 2016 - all the blocks are finished I just need to work out how it will go together - still thinking about that!

3. This is my latest Scraptastic Sampler quilt  - I have started quilting it but I'm not really sure how I want to quilt the alternate blocks.  Still waiting for inspiration.
4. My Hoopla quilt - my version of a double wedding ring quilt - the top is complete but again I need to think how to quilt it or hand it over to someone who can work marvels!

5. Britt's Quilt - this is a quilt hand pieced by a quilting friend and I am quilting it in her memory.  It has taken me a long time to get around to working on this.


I have lots of other projects and but these are the ones I'd be ever so pleased to finish.  I think this is my shortest list ever.


  1. A very fun list of projects for this quarter. Hopefully you'll get a couple of rainy days so you can take a break from the garden and get in a bit of stitching.


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