Friday 7 April 2017

Quarter 2 wish me luck!


I haven't managed to finish anything in the last quarter nor the one before!  Shocking I know as I am helping to host this finish fest!

So I thought I would trim my list and see if I could actually finish a few:

1. I have recently made lots of progress with this quilt.  The pattern is Bring Me Flowers by Jen Kingwell but I will be adding blocks and finishing it differently.  I love that Jen Kingwell look.

2. Next up is my Stingy Bee quilt from 2016 - all the blocks are finished I just need to work out how it will go together

3. This is my latest Scraptastic Sampler quilt  - I have started quilting it but I'm not really sure how I want to quilt the alternate blocks.  Still waiting for inspiration.

4. My Hoopla quilt - my version of a double wedding ring quilt - the top is complete but again I need to think how to quilt it!

I have lots of other projects and maybe some of them will get finished too!  But these are the ones I'd be ever so pleased to finish.  I think this is my shortest list ever.

Now go and list your own projects and join the FAL community - if you haven't done so already...


  1. Oh yes, my list is up! I might even get my first finish this weekend!

  2. I love your projects! What about quilting flower shapes inside the your hoopla quilt? I've appreciated the support I've received when I've posted a finish and I don't finish many projects either. . . I have good intentions though and I am making progress. Thanks for being a host!!!

  3. Serious question - have you ever considered investing in a long arm machine, I have never known anyone make so many quilts. And it is lovely to see your Bee quilt blocks together, wonder how you'll finish it up?

  4. Good luck with these Nicky! You may not have finished any the last 2 quarters but you went great guns the one before that!

  5. I think my jaw might just have hit the floor. The 'Stingy Bee' quilt is beyond words. Very creative! These are fabulous goals and I cross my fingers that you get lots of them done =)


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