Thursday 12 January 2017

My 2017 Finish-A-Long List Quarter One!

Well as I am one of the hosts I feel I really ought to get a few things finished!   Lead by good example?

Last quarter I got nothing finished but a few things were not too far off so maybe I should concentrate on those first this time around...

So here is my list - exactly the same as last quarter!

Working clockwise:
1. Double Wedding Ring aka Hoopla Quilt - a finished top; 2.  KLT applecore and 3. Alhambra quilt (not yet finished tops); 4. Bring Me Flowers (2 blocks); 5. Oakshott Christmas candy quiltlet (an idea and FQ bundle);  6. Britt's quilt - being handquilted;  7. 2016 Scraptastic Sampler - a basted quilt; and  8. Greek Cross baby quilt needs a bit more quilting and some bits need requilting; 

This is what I'm planning with my Oakshott bundle.... No 5!

And here is a more recent photo of my 2016 Scraptastic Sampler ....No 7

Next up are the quilts I'm making for the charity Siblings Together

Working clockwise: 9. Trellis quilt ; 10/11 Circles quilt x 2; 12. Butterflies ; 13. Superhero quilt ; 14. Houses quilt - all started and all needing quite a bit of work to finish them

Clothes making is my new (or rather renewed) interest!  

Top Row 
15. Aster Shirt in Leafscape; 16. Juniper trousers in Linen ;  17. Xmas PJs 
Middle Row 
18. Alder Shirt Dress in Liberty & cambric; 19 Out and About Dress in jersey; 20/21. A-line skirts x2
Bottom Row 
22. Camas blouse in striped shirting ; 23/24. Archer shirt in Liberty needlecord x 2 ; 25. Myla Tank in Liberty Chiffon ;

Top Row
26. Beckley Shawl in Black Isle yarn; 27. Rosebud scarf - it is knitted, just needs blocking; 28. Washi dress in big bird fabric and grey cord; 
Middle Row
29. Gored skirt in Liberty Varuna wool (need to hem it) ; 30. Zinnia skirt in silk (need to hem it) ; 31. Gored skirt in Indian silk; 
Bottom Row
32.  Chantilly dress in Liberty lawn ; 33. Another Myla tank in Liberty chiffon; 34. Chardon skirt in Paisley 

 And here are a few other things with a bit of upholstery thrown in


Top Row
35. Embroidery piece from my workshop with Carina ; 36. Upholster bathroom chair (I bought this second hand and have been meaning to replace the tatty fabric since) ; 37. More fabric boxes ; 
Bottom Row 38. Upholster two Ercol armchairs (It doesn't go with my carpet) ; 39. Liberty stars something - possibly a cushion ; 40. Upholster dining room chairs X 9 (my hubby has been nagging me for years to do something about this)

Here is the fabric for no 36, no 38 and no 40!  Not sure what the final cover for the dining room chairs will be so I'll use this curtain lining as a temporary cover while repairing the seat to improve our comfort.

Wish me luck!  You never know I may get some of these done.   Now go and list your own projects and join the FAL community - if you haven't done so already...


  1. Look at all of those projects, Wow . . . all of them turning the word house into the word home :)

  2. You have got lots of variety and choice as always, Nicky. I hope you will enjoy whichever ones you choose to work on for finishes this quarter.

  3. Plenty of variety there to keep you going. Phew! Need to go and lie down in a dark room. I am sure you shall have plenty of finishes.

  4. Knock off a few of these projects then you can have an updated list next quarter! You can do it! I'm in the same boat as you, projects lingering from one quarter to the next or for me, year to year.

  5. OMG - you are going to be one busy girl! Having a list will be a huge step up in getting these to the finish line - good for you.

  6. Crickey, Nicky! That's some list. I do wish you every success!!

  7. That, my friend, is a behemoth of a list! I think with several of them nearly done you'll have a glowing report by the end of the quarter. :-)

  8. That's a really long list!!! :-). Have fun with it and good luck!


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