Tuesday 6 September 2016

Scraptastic Sampler 2016 - Block 5 Odd Scraps Patchwork

Scraptastic Tuesday

Youngest starting at a new school today so I ama bit slow off the mark....

This is the last block in my quilt, appropriately called Odd Scraps Patchwork, is based on a five x five grid which will make the maths a little bit odd as five doesn't easily go into 12" does it?  But I love the block and it is back to squares and HSTs.  The making is not so very tricky, just an odd size.

Cutting Requirements for each block

Tip - Cutting an odd size
I added some masking tape to my 6 1/2" square ruler so I could easily trim to the odd size required for this block - you might like to do the same.  You can see that the masking tape is just a tiny bit less than one eighth in from the three inch line - 2 7/8".  

If you work out the maths then you will realise the block will actually be 11 7/8" finished size but this is the closest I can get to it and is what my EQ6 programme says is the correct rotary cutting size.  I hope you will think it is worth making with an extra bit of fuss!  Otherwise feel free to substitute another block - it would be a good idea to use one with a 3x3 or 4x4 grid.  I have a few suggestions which you can choose from...more about that in a later week!

Nine squares:  4 grey, 4 navy and 1 white squares cut 2 7/8".

For HSTs - made with sixteen 3 1/2" squares  eight purple, four grey, two turquoise and two white squares

Pair each grey, white and turqoise square with one of the purple squares. Make HSTs using your favourite method.  Each pair of squares will yield two HSTs.

Trim each HST to 2 7/8" with your marked ruler.

Arrange squares/HSTS as in block diagram above.

Stitch together in horizontal rows as below...


Press HST seams open to reduce bulk, other seams within the row in alternate directions - row 1 to the left, row 2 to the right etc.

To join rows, nest the seams together, pinning if necessary and stitch. When completed press.

Make three more blocks.

Here is one of mine...

In case you have chosen a different colourway here is a blank version of the whole quilt for you to download and play with your own colours.   


  1. Hi Nicky! I really like your blocks and would like to make these! Thank you for the tip to use tape on the ruler for trimming smaller squares! x Teje


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