Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday Around The World!

I need to get back to my scrappy ways again.

This week I am continuing to quilt my Nordik quilt which has lots of fabric in it but my blocks haven't really been cut from scraps so that is not scrappy enough to talk about today.

But here is a shot of some scrappy orphan blocks from Cathy Ewbank and some friends they have acquired from my lovely siblings together bee mate Joanne !   

These will be added to, to complete a quilt for Siblings Together!  Both ladies are so lovely to donate blocks to this fabulous cause.   I am happy to stitch it all together and notch up another quilt closer to our 100 quilt target this coming year.  I really seem to enjoy these collaborative efforts and along with my bee quilts it seems I hardly ever make a quilt on my own now!

It does feel strange to have so much blue in my sewing room - it doesn't often happen I can tell you.   I have nothing against blue but I always seem to buy aqua fabric not blue.   I do not know why - sometimes I try really hard to buy blue but never quite seem to manage it!  

Is there a colour you avoid in the spectrum ?  


  1. Nope! Never meet a colour I didn't like- even brown!

  2. It is certainly not blue lol. It seems my sewing room is always covered in blue. Not very attracted to purple and yet I do love the colour. I think I don't buy purple because I am too attracted to the blues. So at the store, I end up with too many blues in my hands and not enough money in my wallet to buy the purples too, lol. I'll have to remedy to that in 2016.

  3. This is going to be another great quilt! I seem to be short of navy and I don't know how!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Confidently approached my stash the other day to make a baby quilt in sky blue and mushroom, to be met with a sea of aqua and turquoise... Had to go to Dorking!


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