Tuesday 23 December 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - some easy stress free blocks

It seems like very little has been done in the sewing room recently - can't think what has been distracting me!?  Not Christmas surely??

However I quickly made up a few 4" filler blocks for my Scraptastic Sampler Quilt.

So here are four patches - made from four 2.5" squares

And hourglass blocks - made from 5" squares cut diagonally into quarters - mixed up and stitched together again - I only have four in my sampler plan but may manage to squeeze a fifth in somehow!

What scrappiness are you up to this week?  Wonder if Leanne has been scrappy too?


  1. I'm hoping I have time to sew this week. I do have a project on the go but it's not necessarily scrappy- I'm pretty sure that 5 solids plus 4 random FQs count as scrappy anyway ;)

  2. I have been working a lot on my hexagon quilt, I am pretty much down to the white border but when I finish this row then I turn it and go to the last border I need to put one scrappy row and the rest white - this quilt will be coming to a close sometime early in the year (thank God)

  3. I am determined to catch up on your sampler over the holidays!

  4. Simple is good, esp at this crazy time of year. Merry Christmas Nicky!


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