Thursday, 2 January 2014

Intervention required!

I am happily hexing along, only a year or so late to finish with Lynne and lots of others in her #hex along.  Never mind better late than never and I'm enjoying it so much that it is the right time for me!

Not sure how big this quilt will end up as it is already about 60"x90" - could be a really big one then!   Already thinking how fun it will be to quilt so maybe I'll stop sometime but not yet....

Here are the latest batches of hexies...

More stars....

For balance I thought something different from stars was due ....and I used up more of that #kaffefasset flower fabric I bought for this project - works great as a focus fabric!

It even has some brown in it!   But I don't mind!

And just to show you how big it is growing...

If it gets bigger I will need to take my photo from outside through the window!   Well maybe not but thinking of sticking the rest on my other design wall - a quilt in two parts??  To be married before or after quilting...?


  1. it is such an amazing quilt. I love the colours and the variety in the hexies.

  2. It looks wonderful and I love the variety of colours and styles. When are you going to start stitching it together?!

  3. What a great quilt. It's just fun to look at all the different blocks.

  4. You're hilarious - it has brown in it and you don't mind. It's so pretty with all of the other colors you don't notice it :)

  5. Are you machine or hand piecing ?

  6. Amazing how you have 'grown' this quilt so quickly. Di x

  7. fantastic. Love how it is growing.
    another wonderful quilt to add to your collection.

  8. Holy crap, you definitely need an intervention! I think we need to send Helen down ;o)

  9. Why stop now when you're having so much fun! Looks fab!

  10. WOW! Gorgeous and...BIG!

    Happy New Year lovely lady!

    Little person is now at school until 1pm and I have a fab coffee machine.....would love to see you for P&Q before 1pm or both of us after about 1.15pm?

    Take care and have a lovely year creating xxx


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