Wednesday 5 December 2012

Side tracking!

Oh if you know me you know it doesn't take much to lead me down a side track.  It's ok I only get distracted onto another sewing project - nothing illegal or untoward at all - ok maybe eating a whole bar of chocolate by myself when no-one is looking!  Grin!

Well amidst all the things I need to be doing I decided to push on with a UFO I had put to one side and thought would wait till after Christmas.  But it looks like I have been following my own advice - who would have thought it!

I recently wrote about my turkey quilt that if you no longer love doing it , love to do it differently which I did when I machine quilted it instead of hand quilting it - job done!  

Well I had plans for a complicated border on this quilt 

but have now realised it would take too much measuring, maths and precision piecing for me to accomplish - so it now has a solid border on and it is ready for basting ...

Or would be if I hadn't decided to piece the back - oh well you win some...

Despite this side track I did however get another bee block finished!

My first ever attempt at the circle of geese - or any geese actually!

This is my last block for the Sew & Bee Happy bee and is for for Emma!  She has waited 11 months for her turn and asked for either the circle of geese in rainbow colours on white or a Mod-Mosaic block.  I remember looking at this bee before joining and asking Kat if this was the standard required as it had been one of the blocks requested and I thought : my that looks too complicated for me!  Kat reassured me that the blocks were not usually so demanding and that is how I joined my first bee!   I didn't know anyone in it apart from Kat but then Cindy and Jude joined in !  

Well one year on - strictly 11 months I guess - and I have done it! Maybe I am making progress and part of that is thanks I guess to Carl the chameleon and Kerry of course!

Talking about Kerry......oh I will leave that till tomorrow!


  1. well done on putting your turkey quilt together, it looks great. Loving that circle of geese too. so perfect!
    Your little baskets are wonderful too.

  2. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful - I love the multi-layered sashing and the subdued border tends to focus the eye. Lovely combo.

    Yippee for our bee! Yippee for your gorgeous geese. It was so nice to play together this past year :)

  3. I love that you took the easy route for the quilt border. Woohoo! And that geese block looks perfect.

  4. Great quilt! I like the solid border. I have not done a circle of geese, but it does look like fun....going in a circle!

  5. Distracted? You? Surely not, sounds most unlike you ;o) Still, well done for persevering! Your circle of geese is looking good too :o)

  6. Your circle of geese is terrific - gorgeous colours and a full complement of pointy geese!
    The quilt looks marvellous and I love the solid border, it brings your eye back into the centre of the quilt and all those lovely strips! What are you doing on the back?

  7. Gorgeous geese & turkey! Oh I'm getting hungry! Jxo

  8. Perfect idea for your quilt......well worth finishing.....beautiful! I'd love to try one of the flying geese blocks. Yours is the colors.

  9. Great geese and the string blocks quilt looks good too. You're right again, if you're not in love with the quilt top anymore, dont try and do an intricate border...just get it finished!!

  10. Congrats on pulling off that circle of geese so well, look how far you have come in only 11 months!

  11. Don't you love to look back and see how far you have come. Well done on getting your turkey quilt pieced. Di x

  12. I think of having a frog quilt - mark twain said you should eat a frog before breakfast as the day could only get better once you'd done the worst thing. But turkey works well too! And geese? They look fab, did you fussy cut the blue circle? It looks perfect


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