Friday, 6 July 2012

Purse mania continues!

You may have noticed I am excited about frame purses and am working my way through the patterns and purse frames available at u-handbag!  I am so impressed with Lisa Lam - her turn around is great usually the following day or the next and I am loving the things she has on offer!

Well I am teaching myself as much as I can in preparation for making my partner's purse in our little In the Frame Purse Swap!

I am loving the challenge so much and the results apart from a bit of a hiccough with the baguette bag - but all sorted now!

I love Lisa Lam's patterns as they are really quite easy to follow though I would have liked letters/numbers/symbols to match the markers on different pattern pieces then I would not have managed to go wrong - guess Lisa didn't reckon with someone as daft as me!  Haha!

Anyway two more patterns and frames successfully tried out and I am pleased with the results!

I made the Mother and Daughter purse from a kit I bought on U-Handbag - the fabric was Lisa's choice - Happy Mochi Yum Yum by Monica Solorio-Snow (or the Happy Zombie) and polka dots!  Can't go wrong with those!

And now the Fortune Cookie Clutch PDF Pattern (instantly downloadable - so no hanging around if you have all the ingredients) - I took the pattern and frame from U-Handbag and went my own way with it!  Heavily influenced by this book

If you haven't come across steampunk, think Victorian futurism and Jules Verne with a bit of Terry Gilliam whimsy and you won't be far wrong!

Anyway I thought I'd try a bit of machine Free Motion stitching so I picked some motifs from the book and doodled with Aurifil 50 weight in the needle!  This gave a finer doodle and the chance to create more detail which I needed in translating these motifs to thread and fabric: a key, an escutcheon, a cogwheel and a bit of lace with some lettering thrown in for good measure!

I teamed some blue linen with a recent purchase of Lakehouse Dry Goods from Mandy at simplysolids!  Yum this fabric fits the steam punk theme so well - Victoriana lettering!  And inside a flash of gorgeous Liberty fabric which I found at FQ Retreat - feathers - another match for the steampunk look!  Never would have thought of seeing Liberty and Steampunk in the same sentence before - never mind the same purse!

Well here she is:

Or here is a clearer shot!

I think I like experimenting! 

I still have more frames so more will follow...without a doubt!

I know I am advertising heavily today but I am not being sponsored by any of these people - though if you are watching ??  it would be no big deal to shout about your products!  Oh well you can but try!  Teehee!


  1. You have to check out the patterns at Urban Threads ....they have some great Steampunk embroidery patterns.

  2. You are going to be the official purse queen!! Look at you go.

  3. I just love the steampunk fortune cookie purse. If you are my partner STOP now as I love this one. In all probability I am not your partner so if you want this one road tested then I am your woman!!!!! As Susan said, you really are the purse queen! Di x

  4. You've gone mad!
    Love them both though, and I managed to spend another £40+ online last night! x

  5. I love this purse!! And it seems like you're a bad influence on Hadley!

  6. Oh wow Nicky, awesome steampunk, right up my street, I'd feel very cool toting that purse I love it :-) And naughty Hadley ;-)

  7. Oh my goodness, you have really been bitten! Love the fortune cookie shape, need to know more as to just how easy it is :)

  8. God loves a Try-er! Fabulous sketching, as always! Jxo

  9. These are ALL great. Cannot fault you!
    I don't suppose you could be my partner again?? ( said very quietly, and sort of rather hopefully)

  10. Wow how many purses are you making. They look great. Love the steampunk style =D

  11. Gosh your purses are amazing! I can't decide which I like best!

  12. You are such an artist and soooo brave for doing that beautiful FMQ! I just recently learned about steampunk and it definitely has its charm!

  13. Well done on both, love how the steampunk one came out :o)

  14. I love both of the purses, but the aqua colours on the mother and daughter purse win it for me I think.

  15. can't believe I missed these purses - love the top one and that bottom one is just sooo cool :)


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