Tuesday 24 March 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday and I've been working hard!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I am planning new things .....(secretly I always am)!

But I have committed to finishing off old projects or UFOs first!

My rule is that anything from last year is a UFO and anything started this year is not!

So the Scraptastic Sampler is technically a UFO and I have been working to finish it because:

  •  I wanted to see how it would fit together;
  •  and also I wanted the wall space (to be honest).

So I have finished the blocks I planned.

Here was my plan

And here is a photo of the quilt top!

Some blocks got moved around and gaps were filled in with filler strips and such!  I have still got to write up those tutorials but have been concentrating on the stitching first!

Not sure if it is quite finished yet...?   What do you think?  It might need a border of sorts to help pull the chaos together....your comments are welcome!

Anyway I wanted the wall space so I could work on the third hot cross bun quilt that I am making for the fabulous charity #siblingstogether. 

I started on Sunday cutting out the background and filling in the central area...

Then on Monday I filled in the rest - staying up late to do so!

Then I spotted that I had added two extra rows so now I need 6 more blocks to finish it!  Six more after making 149 (in the three quilts).   Slightly less addicted to making them now I have to say but that is because it has become a bit of a mechanical process rather than the leisurely enjoyable one of choosing fabric  combinations that I love!  

I must say that scraps have helped me appreciate colour and value and their effects more.  Not that you seem to be able to make mistakes in a scrap quilt - it seems to me that anything goes!   

Love this one - I was thinking Black Forest gateau at the time!  Slightly wonky late night stitching then or maybe too much Kirsch?



  1. I love your first quilt. Such a nice layout. Great job on getting so much done!

  2. You are on a roll for sure. I am not sure what I think about a border on the liberty quilt, it might just give shy eyes a place to stay to avoid all the colours, does that make sense? But then I am not a big fan of borders so not the best advisor. I love how it looks so far.

  3. I like both your projects . As for a border.... I don't know. I really like the way it looks now - but the border might draw it together. Maybe a real thin border and solid binding?

  4. Two very nice quilts, but I especially like your Siblings quilt. The block pattern is well shown off by the solid background / sashing.

  5. Loving both these project, Nicky!

  6. I love the Liberty quilt! Did you decide on a border? (I think I'd vote 'no' if it's not too late!) Love the green ST quilt, even though 'green' and 'hot cross buns' aren't usually things which go together..!


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