Monday, 8 April 2013

FAL Quarter 2

I am finding the Finish A-Long a great help in actually getting those UFO quilts finished.  It helps me focus and stops me from starting quite so many new things....well usually but perhaps not recently....

she can quilt

Here is my list for Quarter 2....ambitious I know!  But I would be happy with a bit of progress on some of these...

1 Wonky Houses - Three strips of this QAYG project have been stitched together - I need to add one more which has already been quilted and then I want to add a border all around!  

2 Friendship Garden - well it has been on nearly every list so far!

I have the backing fabric - just need to get it all layered and handquilt this one - that was what you have persuaded me to do!

3 School House - progress would be great - this is supposed to be my Kona colour chart and I have lots more colours to add!  And I want to quilt on the name of those colours...probably on the roof!

4 Sewing Words - the blocks are from the first bee I was in and it was July last year since I asked for my blocks so it is about time I finished this one - I want to add in some other blocks of sewing gadgetry which are probably going to be paper pieced....and I need to add another word in which didn't make this photo as it arrived later and also make one more - my least favourite part of the process - Baste!  

Once all the blocks are made I need to choose a background - don't think it will be mustard anyway!


5 Scrappy Trip for Siblings Together - my Stingy Bee Mates have made all the blocks so far - just a few more and this can be quilted and donated in July at Fat Quarterly Retreat

6 Plaid Star on black - I had forgotten about this top but Cindy of FSQ gave me a nudge!  Would make a great Christmas quilt ...

7 And if there is still time I'd like to finish this quilt for my youngest - her birthday is in July!

I have the backing and everything just need to get quilting!

So what about you ?  Are you joining in?


  1. Great wips, I'm looking forward to seeing how you do that heart.

  2. I'm guessing you're planning on not sleeping for the next 3 months! Jxo

  3. I just love the way you are embracing this with your list....big list! Di x

  4. What a great line up! That giant star is just crazy gorgeous. I am writing my list tonight ; )

  5. I love your wonky houses and your school houses quilts - they are brilliant!

  6. Blimey...that's a bit like an alcoholic showing you their drinks cabinet. I particularly like tipple numbers 1, 3, 6 and 7 :-)

  7. Love Alison's is rather a large list, my fave is the wonky houses. Finish the hearts first for your daughter, it's lovely, looks all 3-D.

  8. There are some FB projects there, I love the big star on black, and the heart, and the houses, and, and, and!!! They are all fab!

  9. such wonderful projects what ever it takes to get them finished has got to be a good thing xx

  10. I've got to say that I've come straight from reading Sarah's list and yours seems very reasonable ;o)

    I can't wait to see these projects develop and I'm guessing that the heart and the ST quilt are top of the list? Do you need some more ST blocks?

  11. I must be following Helen! Compared to Sarah that's quite conservative! Ut never the less I have no doubt you will get it all done!

  12. Great list - I love those Kona houses.

  13. Lots of eye candy with your list, Nicky! Each is a beauty and I'm wishing you every success. Happy stitching.

  14. Great list Nicky and uhm, long! I'm sure you will have a good crack at it - I love the plaid giant star.

  15. All of your projects are great but love that heart!!! Can't wait to see that one finished.

  16. Your list makes me feel so much better about mine ;o)

  17. Lovely projects. Success! They will be fantastic when they're finished. Just go for it!!!

  18. I can't keep are AMAZING!

    LOVE the wonky houses-----WOW! And the star on black...I'm usually a white fan...but black is good!

    You are one busy bunny!

    xx (and hugs from Eleanor)

  19. The heart is beautiful. I also really like your wonky houses. I've joined up for the first time and am hoping for a productive quarter.

    Cheers, K


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