Saturday, 6 April 2013

Charm block quilt

My first blocks arrived from the charming Lucy in the Scrappy? Sew Bee it! bee.

They are gorgeous and it has made me very excited about this quilt in the making...

Her blocks are here

I pinched these photos from Lucy's blog but I'm sure she won't mind!  Such pretty fabrics and gorgeous colours....

And together with mine!

Perfection - wouldn't you say!?

I have also added a few more - can't resist it!  Including some made from my friend Karen's own screen printed fabrics - appropriately enough the fabric is called Triangle Mania.  They are nestling up to Lucy's blocks, keeping her company.

And this is what my quilt might look like....

mocked up on EQ6

Think I'm going to like this bold quilt and am excited that my bee friends are already making blocks for me!

Am feeling a compulsion to fill that gap.....if you want to make some too my tutorial is here.  They are made from 4 charm squares (two pairs) and a three and a quarter inch square.  


  1. Cool! Well done, Miss Lucy. Love the orange and blue on especially :)

  2. Don't mind at all! It will be a glorious quilt!

  3. This is going to become a great quilt!

  4. Added to my bucket list. This will be one beautiful quilt.

  5. Your blocks are looking so great together, will be a lovely quilt.

  6. these look great and I think will be a lovely quilt when all together

  7. Lucy is definitely top of the class in doing bee blocks. They look lovely with yours and will make a great quilt. Di x

  8. This is going to be a great quilt! And you sound pretty excited about it too!

  9. I was just admiring the ones that Carla has made for you - beautiful blocks which will make a gorgeous quilt.

  10. The quilt is going to be amazing!

  11. If you keep making a ton every time one person sends you theirs, you're going to end up with a quilt that could cover a football pitch ;o) Pretty, but humungous!

  12. Is this going to be double sided? Or several? Or just huge? It will be lovely either wy!


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