Wednesday, 10 April 2013!

I have added a few new pages to my blog.  One to show this year's finishes so I can remove them from my UFO page.  Another one for WIPs - things I started this year and as I seem to be using my crafting books a bit more I now have a page showing you a few....  

And here is a WIP I was working on today - I love making these blocks...

They look quite different depending on where you place the stronger colours - a great way to learn and play with values.  Evening photo - they are mot so muted in real life!

The pattern came from this book

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  1. Is that the book nobody can get their hands on??
    Great blocks.

  2. Gah!! Its that book!!! How and where did you get your mitts on it? Your blocks are honestly quite beautiful and I love how this is looking.

  3. I love those blocks but I'd watch out for either Sarah or Elliecat sneaking through the letterbox to 'rescue' that book! Off to look at your new pages!

  4. You're bragging about THAT book again!!! The blocks are lovely though, so I'll let it pass this time! May i borrow your book?

  5. I'm with them, stop showing us THAT book!

  6. I love that song, love David Bowie...I have no idea about the book but might as well join the chorus of 'stop bragging about it!'

  7. Great blocks! I love the different fabrics you used together.
    Here via WIP Wednesday

  8. I so need to do a blog tidy up, need a few more hours in the day!

  9. Great quilt top! Those blocks are fun, and they look fairly simple to make. Love the springy colors you're using!


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