Saturday, 6 August 2016

Skirt number three - not on my list!

I do like a casual skirt with pockets don't you?

So I thought I should try out Liesl + Co's Everyday Skirt

 everyday skirt sewing pattern

It has front pockets, and an elasticated back so no zips, buttons or other closures.  

I do prefer a lined skirt (this one isn't) and while making this I realised I couldn't do my normal add a lining at the last minute due to how this skirt is constructed.  I may with a bit of thought manage to add one next time.

I had some checked flannel and thought I could try out the pattern with that.

And here it is.

Rather pleased with that waistband cut on the cross grain.  It was an easy make, which results in a cute skirt ready for Autumn I think.  And this one wasn't even on my list!  Call it an extra if you like ....

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