Thursday 14 July 2016

Quarter 3 Finish-A-Long List

I managed to get quite a few things finished in quarter two but a few have had to be rolled forward into Quarter Three.  

And this week I really went through all my cupboards, drawers, boxes and such to unearth all sorts of be warned it's a long list and not everything will be completed this Quarter and I'm ok with that.

First up my mosaic of my quilt projects  - some from before and some new additions!

The Quilts

Top Left and clockwise

1. Double Wedding Ring aka Hoopla Quilt; 2.  KLT applecore; 3. Alhambra quilt; 4. Bring Me Flowers; 5. Oakshott Christmas candy quiltlet; all rollover projects from last quarter.  

I made good progress with the first two recently and hope I can finish those this quarter. I am also hoping to make good progress on Alhambra this quarter.

I am adding 6. Britt's quilt, a top handstitched by a friend who passed on years ago at the age of 50 - it has taken me this long to be able to think about quilting it 7. a new Scraptastic Sampler;  8. Greek Cross baby quilt needs a bit more quilting and some bits need requilting; 

I don't need to finish any of these this quarter but will if I can.  I will be writing tutorials for the Scraptastic Sampler and sharing them during #ScraptasticTuesdays - starting on 9th August, which happens to be our link up day!  If you want to join in you will be most welcome.  

The Clothes 

Next I have been inspired by so many of you to take up dress making again.  I used to make clothes for myself back in the day when that was the cheap thing to do. 

I bought some patterns some time ago and they have been far down my previous FAL lists this year but now is the time to tackle these as I would like to make some clothes that really fit me well.  I would also like to dabble in altering patterns - something I used to do when the kids wanted strange dressing up costumes - combining features from different patterns.

12. Juniper trousers in Ink Washed Linen ; 13. Jasmine top in Park Life Leafscape and 14. Abacus Grow in charcoal; 15. Zinnia skirt in silk (I bought in India before we had children!!!) and 16. Burgundy silk; 17. Dahlia dress in viscose; 18. in Liberty Varuna wool; and 19. in wool paisley; 20. A-line skirt in grey fabric by Yoko Saito & Lecien; and 21. in Charleston Farmhouse Dahlia Leaf by Free Spirit; 22. Yoked dress in Bird fabric;  23. (middle photo) PJs; 24. (right photo) Knickers; 

The Knits

25. Crochet bag; 26. Rosebud Scarf; 27. Giant knit scarf; 

I can't even remember when I started these.  Time they were finished as they are not useful in the state they are now!

The Other

Thirdly here are a few smaller projects, some new, some old, to keep things interesting 

28. Handbag kit from U-handbag; 29. Superman backpack;
30. Covered boxes; 31. St David's Cross cushion to go with my quilt; 32.  Test block cushion; 33. Bolster cushion 34. Trellis design runner; 35. Trellis Design Large Cushion; 36. London Skyline pouch; 37. Dala tote bag; 38. Sashiko fabric basket; 39. Liberty Stars
The Siblings Together Quilts

I am currently taking a break from making quilts for Siblings Together this quarter but will be back to making more for the charity before the year.  

Just in case I finish all the above these are the quilts I have in hand to make for Siblings Together

40/41. Circles Quilt x2 ; 42/43/44. QAYG Tile quilt x3; 45. Superhero quilt; 
46. Butterflies Quilt

I have never had this many projects on my list before, nor had such a variety of projects.  Wish me luck as I think I'm going to really need it!


  1. Not sure how many hours are in your day, but I wouldn't be able to finish this list in a year, let along three months! Maybe you live in some alternate universe or the twilight zone where time slows down..... Good luck

  2. Good luck! Though if anyone can do it, I think it would be you.

  3. Wow! I thought my list was long!! Happy Sewing!

  4. oh I do wish you luck! wowsers!

  5. oh, oh..... i am happy, not to be alone with an endless TDFL=ToDoFinishList;-))
    I think mine is much longer and i know, i need more than one year for it, because i love to start new projects.

    Greetings from Germany


  6. I honestly don't think you need luck as you seem to be steaming on without it, but it would be mean not to say 'good luck' and mean it!!


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