Tuesday 10 February 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - February Link Up

Scraptastic Tuesday

My Hot Cross Bun blocks have got me feeling scrappy happy at the moment!  I have made 54 so far...

I love planning the combinations of colours which I have been doing on old pizza bases and stacking them in a pile 20 high!   Then when I have had a bit of time I have been chain piecing them together.

My initial plan was to make a quilt 60" square from these 5" finished blocks which would mean making 144 of them!  This is a small sample of what I thought it might look like....

I was quite up for that - I do get enthusiastic about things and as long as it is a quick make I can power through it especially if I give myself a daily or weekly target to hit!   I might just be a little competitive...??  

But then after a bit of play I thought I might make a large cross with the blocks and fill in with solids....

More play and I thought this might be another great layout - courthouse steps

And then this one

And because I am hopeless at choosing I am now thinking of making all three for the Siblings Together Charity!   Solids are already on order.  

And I can keep making blocks right?   I will need 45+49+45 = 139!   I'm feel like I'm winning as that is less than I had originally planned and I get three quilts instead of one!

Now I'm sure Leanne has been up to something scrappy too - I'm loving her courthouse steps blocks which I might just have to make a normal sized scrappy version of!

And now to the important matters!  

Here are our February Link sponsors:

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes:
    They have all been such a great support and I hope you will support them in turn.  Hope you winners have been enjoying your prizes!
    And here is the February link up - show us what scrappiness you have been up to...


    1. Really love the cross inside the cross! Jxo

    2. Brilliant designs! Love the giant log cabin!

    3. I saw your how-to on previous post. Thanks... I may have to make some now that I'm finished making 5 inch Little Monkeys from scraps. I like little blocks with lots of pieces. Nice layouts too. Nice use of scraps. Nice cause.

    4. What a great plan with all your little blocks! What great layouts!

    5. I just love those layouts, each is an oversized single quilt block made out of all the small blocks, what a wonderful idea.

    6. Wonderful layouts no matter what you choose. I love the scrappiness of these blocks.

    7. I like the last layout best of all!

    8. The cross choice is amazing!

    9. You are making great progress on the hot cross buns! Each layout is more interesting than the previous.:)

    10. I love all these possibilities. What fun!

    11. That courthouse steps layout looks fantastic !

    12. Cool blocks! I love the cross with the red background. But all layouts are great. Can I ask what software you are using to design these layouts? I look forward to see the finished quilts!

    13. I especially like your plus blocks because they have the "extra" squares in the corners. And then all the different layouts! Such fun.

    14. I am brand new to Scraptastic Tuesday, and happened upon it just last night...so I made it in just under the wire...and so glad because I have had a really Scraptastic week!! I will enjoy looking at some of the other scrap happiness, too, now that I have caught my breath!!! :) Thank you!!!


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