Saturday, 30 August 2014

Clam happy

A good while ago I bought a Sizzix die to cut clamshells from a charm square sized piece of fabric.  

I tried a few out, you know, just to see if the die worked, though on a strict no new project diet!

But good girl that I was I did no more then!

We went to Spain for a week and the prospect of not being able to stitch anything worried me.  So I gathered up all the clamshells I had cut and took them with me.  And soon finished this panel...

And when I got home I thought I'd do some more!

128 clamshells stitched together.

I might just have cut a few more...

Just in case I need to do a bit of handstitching...


  1. Always good to have some handstitching ready for picking up. They look lovely.

  2. Looking lovely! I have bad memories of clamshells from Quilting College!! haven't touched them since! Jxo

  3. I'm sure those long winter nights will be the perfect opportunity to stitch some clam shells!

  4. your clamshells look great! I am interested how you put them together. I have done some using papers.
    How have you sewn yours together?

  5. I have been tempted by that die Nicky, they look great so I am even more tempted now :)

  6. So the. " no new project" plan is going well? It is looking gorgeous though!

  7. they look great! its good to have a project all ready to go when you have a few minutes or need something to go to work on !
    keep going!!!

  8. I love your clamshells also. And am also beginning a clamshell quilt. I just finished cutting out all the clams. Would love to know your process of putting these together. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh I love love love them!!! I've not some clamshells but since there's some in gtsb that will change soon :)

  10. hmmm, no new projects, eh?? I believe you!
    Right so are there papers inside those clam shells, or are you just sewing ' by eye'?

  11. hehe! these are beautiful! no new projects eh?? x

  12. I think you've been new projects my foot!

    P.S. They look lovely, though!


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