Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bee Bop a Lula!

I have made early progress on my bee blocks!   Yeah!

To be honest I really have to this month as there is so much else to do!

So it's just as well I got....

Collette's blocks done for her bright Scrappy Trip quilt in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee - using this tutorial

I spotted a few purples in the mosaic you made of colours you liked Collette and even included one that I had.  Can you spot it?

I was definitely thinking a fruit juice cocktail - or maybe punch when I made this block!

Next up was Jodi's block in the Scrappy?  Sew Bee It bee!  using her own tutorial.  I picked the Chicopee leaf in red because it was asking to be included.  Jodi's quilt is to be near an art piece her friend has made with lots of apples in it - so the apple dot in teal had to go in!  I managed to find and centre the letter 'j' in the type fabric and I think she likes DS .... Hope she likes the block...

And two Rock Mountain Puzzle blocks for Susan in the Modern Stitching Bee using Susan's tutorial.

This block represents my own blog name with the mama said Sew frame and the beautiful oversized flower in the middle!  

I love these sorts of flowers - umbellifers in horticultural speak!  But I'm not the only one - bees and butterflies adore them too as each flower head is made up of lots of tiny flowers and they are usually nectar rich.   

All along the hedgerows there is now lots of cow parsley in flower - so pretty as you pass by and fairly buzzing with insects!

This block says it all - Green is not just a colour - it is of course THE colour!  Hehe!  Maybe my garden influences me here but I do love it!

And I do approve of trying to live in a green way too - despite the fabric I keep on buying!  oops!   Need to revisit my green credentials don't you think!?

A few other bee blocks to do, including a new bee I have joined - just waiting for fabric to arrive!

What another bee??  I am totally!  MAD!


  1. Another one!?! Crazy lady ;o) Seriously though they all look fabulous!

  2. You are a glutton for punishment...another bee!! But if there was anyone I'd have in a bee, it'd bee YOU! Love my Rocky Mountain Puzzle, and the botany lesson too!

  3. I love all these blocks, particularly the citrus one for Collette! I almost banged my head (again!) when I read 'joined another bee' but I remembered just in time that it was STQB - phew!!

  4. You are mad joining another bee lol! But your blocks are fab!

  5. Another Bee?? Yes you are nuts!! Lovely blocks though! Jxo

  6. blimey, that's a lot of bees!

  7. Gosh you are a busy Bee Nicky, and about to be even busier by the sound of it! Love the citrus block, definitely calls for a cocktail or two :)

  8. So how many bees is it now? I thought so, just the right number for you! Bzzzzzz

  9. WTG you, I haven't even had the fabric for mine in yet lol

  10. Lovely blocks. And I agree about the green and the cow parsley - such a beautiful time of year :)

  11. Uhm, how many bees are you in?? Gorgeous blocks Nicky - and you have reminded me that I need to get on with my scrappy tripalong :)

  12. Whoa! Yes, you are mad! I don't know how you manage? I can hardly keep up with one bee! You are a Bee Buster!!! LOL! They all look great :)

  13. Fabulous blocks Nicky - love the colours in Collette's blocks


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