Friday 6 January 2012


I have a long list of UFOs - it's actually longer than I thought it was...thanks Helen for making me count them all!

I need help to finish it up!  The situation is desperate!

So I am linking up with Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap who is all out to motivate us to get those projects finished!  She has started a Finish-A-Long!

We make a list each quarter of all the projects we are going to finish.  We finish them and show them all off.  Then we get the chance to win prizes - and even if we don't get a prize, we win anyway because we will have finished something we once loved and hopefully will again!

Here is the list of things I am aiming to complete this quarter:

1  Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilt - started in June 20

A little bit of hand quilting and binding to finish this one!

2  Utility Stitching Quilt - started October 2010

A little more hand stitching to go here....

3  Fright Nite Quilt top (an Across the Sea QAL lap quilt that didn't quite get finished ) - started August 2011

Some paper pieced toothy border pieces to finish the top!

4  Wonky Stars baby quilt called Twinkle - started September 2011

 Just basting, machine quilting and binding on this one!  Even have a baby in mind to gift it to but do need to buy some backing fabric!

Am I listing too many?  Probably, but then you get the chance to see me crash and burn!  At least Rhonda doesn't deduct points for not finishing, embarrassing as that would be!

And if I do finish well I get the chance to win some fab prizes as well as finishing my quilts!   I have no problem with that!

Thanks Rhonda!


  1. Ooo lovely projects! I think the baby star quilt is my favourite! Good luck with your finishes! :)

  2. You're welcome ;o) Love the four you've picked and it would be great to see them finished - good luck!

  3. nothing wrong with a bit of ambition... lol Good luck~!

  4. will be lovely to see these projects finished. Once you set your mind to it I am sure you will zip through them! Go for it!!

  5. Great projects, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  6. Oh, that number 1 quilt - fabulous! Can't wait to see how your wonky star baby quilt turns out. It's super cute!

  7. These will be great finishes - they look fab already! Jxo

  8. I don't think there are too many projects to finish. You go girl! I have to now start digging mine out of the cupboard.

  9. Yay, we sucked you in! Good luck with your list, it certainly looks do-able in 3 months :o)

  10. Oh this is a good idea. MY resolution is to finish what's been started! I so love your first quilt - what is that pattern? []

  11. I agree with Cindy, that first quilt is amazing. Just think of it this way. You are just ensuring that you get credit for whatever you complete. If they aren't listed here there is no way you can get credit for them LOL. Also, whatever you don't get done you can roll over into next quarter. Thanks for linking up and playing with us. I can't wait to watch you finish them all.

  12. Great projects! Just think how wonderful it will be to have them all finished. Good luck!

  13. I thought you might have a few tucked away. You often seem to bring out "something I made earlier" in best Blue Peter fashion!! But I know you'll get them finished.
    I love number one

  14. Rhonda told me that as long as you finish something on your list you are in for the prize draw. You will do more than that and I LOVE that first quilt. Get stitching!


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