Tuesday 26 September 2017

Welcome to my blog and I thought I'd start the Finish-a-long tutorial week with a very quick seasonal make.

A tiny pumpkin pin cushion or two...

Please read through all the instructions before you start.

You will need:

Pumpkin coloured fabric - I used quilting cotton but any similar weight of fabric would do if it doesn't fray too much.

A round shape to trace around - I used a roll of tape for the larger sized pumpkin and a jam pot lid for the small one.  The size of your circle will determine the size of the piece of fabric required.

A pencil to draw with or marker or your choice

Stuffing - I used some kapok I've had for years but polyester toy stuffing is a good alternative

Matching thread and needle

Small scraps of green and brown felt

Green and brown cotton perle 

Step one:  Draw circle on pumpkin fabric

Step two: Cut out your circle with a rough quarter inch allowance.  Thread your needle with a long thread, doubled over, placing the cut ends in your needle.  Do a running stitch around the outside of your marked circle.  Thread your needle through the loop at the beginning.

Step three:  Gather your fabric by pulling your stitches to begin the pumpkin shape.

Step four: Once you start the shaping you can begin stuffing.  When sufficiently stuffed to hold a good rounded but still squishy shape pull the gather threads tight and tie - but do not cut your threads yet.

Step five :  Cut a leaf shape from green felt and make a running stitch in green cotton perle around the edge and also mark the veins.  It doesn't need to be that precise.  Cut a square of brown felt about 2 1/2 inches for the stem.

Step six:  Tightly roll the brown felt and stitch along the length with a running stitch in brown cotton perle to hold the roll together.  You only need to stitch through the top layer and into the one below.   

Keep your cotton perle attached as this will be used to attach the stem to the pumpkin.  Make sure you have a good length of thread as in the photo.

Step seven: Use the pencil to open up a hole in the top of your pumpkin.  Place your stem in the hole, thread end downwards in the hole.  If necessary help that stem make its way through the stuffing using the pencil or similar.  

Rethread your needle with the brown cotton perle attached to the stem.  Now make a stitch through the top of the pumpkin and out through the base.  This attaches the stem to the pumpkin and adds a dimpled bottom to your pumpkin. 

Make a stitch back up through the centre of the pumpkin and into the base of the stem.   Repeat several times until the stem is secured.  See photo below for dimpled base.  Finish off your cotton perle thread.

Use gather thread to neaten up the top of pumpkin and stitch to stem.

Attach leaf with a few stitches covering any untidiness around the stem.  Finish off thread.

All done - it's that quick and easy but if you have any questions - just ask....

I will be using mine as tiny pincushions or maybe just autumnal decoration....what about you?  

Instructions on making the toadstools can be found on Instagram using the hashtag/link:    #toadstooltute  (Hmm maybe I should write that one up on my blog too)

Hope you have fun with this quick seasonal make.


  1. Perfect tutorial for the time of year, Nicky!

  2. These are just adorable! Great tutorial.

  3. They're really cute! Thanks for showing us how to make them and for hosting the FAL.

  4. Cute tute, Nicky. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ooooh, those are so cute!

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