Thursday 25 February 2016

Stingy Bees are the Best!

Last year my fabulous Bee a Brit Stingy Bees and I were making travelling row quilts.

I started my quilt off with these blocks for my row

It then had a row added by Di at the bottom and Catherine in the middle...

Then I had to say au revoir as up till now I had seen it with it's new rows as Di Catherine and I were meeting up to exchange rows!

It's journey progressed Northwards to Lucy, who added the row at the top and Sheila who finished it with the row in the middle

All the rows came back to me this year and I wanted to make it a bit bigger so thought I would add a border all around.

I decided to continue some of the elements of the blocks into the border.  

And this is how it looks now

I love it so much - it is beyond what I imagined it could be but then I should have realised my beemates would come up trumps!

And just in case you want to see what I did for my bee mates here is a mosaic of some of the quilts and some just the rows - 

Lucy's quilt is top left and is a forest.  My row is at the top.

Di's quilt is bottom left and has a gardening theme.  My row is on the bottom with cat and wellie boots.

Sheila's rows are at the top right and my row is on the bottom.  I received Sheila's and Collette's early on in the process so don't have photos on their completed quilts.

Catherine's quilt is middle right and my row is second from the bottom - her theme was geese. 

Collette's quilt was all about sewing stuff and my row is the one with sewing machines

It has been a challenging but fun year with my bees and we are working towards designing for this year coming! It will be another new and exciting challenge....


  1. Your quilt is going to be amazing! I love how you have added to the outside borders- those extra dark pieces really balance out the centre!

  2. Beautiful! I want to make those whooshy curves from rectangles that you started with.

  3. Gorgeous row quilts, I think the row made by yourself is a stunner, so different.

  4. Wow that looks fantastic! very different indeed. Love it:)

  5. Wow!! Love this. Really interesting to see the rows coming together and the final result. In your initial row there was yellow but the yellow in subsequent rows looks right at home!

  6. Wow! The rows by themselves are fab, but the border design makes it incredible!


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