Wednesday 11 November 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - the late edition - November link up

Scraptastic Tuesday

Hold the front page!

I'm a bit behind, between catching up with washing after a short break in Seville, taking the doglet for a good long walk, internet and laptop problems and working on the latest #siblingstogether quilt.

I received some orphan blocks some months back from my lovely friend and Stingy beemate Catherine!

From early on I thought they would make a good border to a medallion quilt. I researched some complicated centre blocks but then I thought I should just keep it simple.   I'm making a quilt in my siblings together bee out of this simple tile type block and I thought it would work here too.

As my donated blocks are orphans I don't have the fabrics these were made from so what could I use from my stash?  I found what I had in the tones already used - they weren't an exact match but I find that a scrappy quilt is quite forgiving as long as you mix it up.

Then I decided I wanted a colour that would bring a bit of a sparkle to the quilt!  I tried green but it wasn't working, then tried aqua, which seemed to bring that 'je ne said quoi'!

It was getting there but not big enough. When I asked for suggested borders on Instagram (nickyeglinton - if you want to find me) I was offered two - nine patches from Alison and piano keys from Trudi !  So both went in the mix and I ended up with nine patch corner stones that echo my centre block and stripy piano key borders ...

I think I was right about that medallion style and my friends were right about those borders don't you? 

I just finished it off with a light orange plaid strip all the way round just to make it a smidge bigger and to tidy up all those stripy ends!   Less likely to stretch in ways I don't want it to.  I think it works ....

So what scrappiness have you been up to?

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    1. The medallion quilt is beautiful. Collective creativity!!

    2. Really like that medallion quilt! It came together wonderfully!

    3. Beautiful!
      Love how the centre brings it together. The borders are perfect too.
      Well done

    4. What a lovely way to use up your orphans! Those borders are perfect - what would we do without friends!

    5. What a super quilt made from so many contributors. Will either be blogging or getting in touch with you re. bluepatchquilters' SB contribution for next year.
      Meanwhile am going to link up my scrappiness.x

    6. Charming medallion. A great way to use orphan blocks. I like your simple center and, like you, I thought of a complex one first. This is perfect.

    7. Wow, what a wonderful way to use orphan blocks! Sorry I didn't link up this time *hangs head in shame*

    8. Just found your blog and have enjoyed going back into your archive posts. Love this Medallion Quilt. Super colours. Coincidently I made a quilt for Siblings Together a few years ago (3?) and it was a Medallion Quilt as well. Never made one before and haven't made another. I found it was very time consuming, both thinking of ideas for the borders and making all the blocks. However, I may make another - one day!


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