Monday 13 January 2014

FAL la la la la!

Not singing a Christmas carol but looking forward to a frenzy of finishing! (You will see I need one)

I didn't get around to doing an end of quarter 4 Finish Along 2013 post as I only actually finished a couple of cushions - none of the quilts on my long list!

The good thing about the Finishalong is there is no punishment for FAILURE!   Just as well as last year was more productive in the starting projects phase rather than the finishing one!

Oh well there is always 2014!   

I have a growing pile of quilt tops to quilt so these are my target for this year and here they are 

I finished a fair few of these tops in Q4 last year!

And then there are those UFOs I thought I'd finish - ah well I may do this year

The Wonky House Quilt - so nearly finished

Konaville  -  made recent progress on this one during the Lazy Bum Retreat - so lazy we stayed at home and stitched while chatting online - but I doubled the amount of blocks - from 18 to 36!   And I've added a few new target is 81 blocks in total!  Am I mad??  

No I just want to use up some of the lovely solids I got from Justine in the Simply Solids Fabric Stash club last year.

Sewing words hanging - one word block to make and wanting to add some blocks with scissors, sewing machine, needle and thread on them - inspired by the Sew Out Loud Quilter's wordplay 

  Rose Star Quilt - 10 made - one totally gorgeous one from Lucy

 Bookshelf hanging - 14 gorgeous blocks on my bookshelf!  Trying to imagine how fab this will look when finished!   

Thinking of a totally different layout now....

 Started in March 2013 - some propeller blocks which may be a border in medallion style quilt - not quite decided yet!

 Started in March 2013 - Tulip Dance

Think this one is an original block of my own twisted invention - it combines butterflies at the crossing subunits with a hexagon pinwheel...

It has grown a bit

Started in March 2013 -   Another charm quilt in the making - arrows! Undecided whether to make a go of this one or not!??

 Arrowhead stars -  a bee project from last year

Big Hexy Balls  - using Kona Pastel and Bright hexies and hand screen-printed fabrics from Karen Lewis @ Blueberry Park!

Since this photo I've added more of that background blue on either side - I just need to trim one side as I want that strip off centre!

Edited to add one more project:   How could I forget...?

Well I thought I'd just put them all on my FAL list and see which takes my fancy!  I am not numbering them and I don't want you to tell me how many there are .... might make me think I haven't got enough!  Hahaa!

Linking up with the lovely Katy from Littlest Thistle the dominatrix of our FAL for 2014! 

Finish Along 2014


  1. If anyone can motor through that lot you can! I see another productive year coming up! Love those houses! Jxo

  2. Tulip Dance is amazing Nicky, you have loads of wonderful projects on the go there :)

  3. Oh my thats quite a list you crazy fool!!
    I feel a little unworthy!!!
    How do you know where to begin?

  4. Well I would be panicking if this were my list but as it is yours I will smile and watch your progress. Di x

  5. Ah, there she is: dear old Friendship Garden come to pay her quarterly visit ;o) It's lovely to see projects old and new in one place and I can't wait to see which is declared a finish first! I'm sure at least one of them will be finished by the end of March, won't it? *looks over the top of glasses and stares in a meaningful and slightly scary manner*

  6. wow!

  7. glad my favourite is at the start of the list!
    You have had quite a productive year last year, so many stupendous tops and works in progress. You are amazing!!

  8. Could you just bottle your energy? Wow!

  9. Have you ever considered therapy?
    And for the record, can't imagine Helen scaring anybody!!

  10. Is this your FAL list for 2014 & 2015? I can feel my anxiety levels rising just reading this, but you have so many pretties in there that you must finish them up and put them to good use. Which will you finish first? I note Helen is keeping a beady eye on you too. That's good as she will help keep you on the straight and narrow and away from those starts!

  11. Oh I'm sorry, did I say no punishment? You must have read that wrong... ;o)

  12. my goodness!! So my projects to finish. Don't start any more!!!

  13. They are all beautiful! They are asking to be finished! Plan an exhibition in December, then you have to finish them!

  14. You have made my morning. I've been scrolling up and down this post looking at your pretties. I don't care if you finish these or not - I'd love to see these photos again in the Q2 goals. Gorgeous.

  15. wow you have so many beautiful projects! i really love your konaville.

  16. You have a really inspiring pile and you made a huge progress on the lazy bum retreat with the houses. Keep going and finish these amazing tops. Think about cuddling into ....

  17. You're giving me palpitations, Nicky!!

  18. So many pretty things! And as much as I'd love to see them all once a quarter it really would be a pity for such lovelies to spend the year in the wip pile out of use/sight :0 (

    I don't wear glasses but I might just buy a pair so that I can join Helen! Come on you can do it!

  19. love that friendship garden is on the list again - I never tire of seeing that gorgeous quilt - love your amazing list with so many amazing quilts - can't wait to see the wonky houses done too - it look just fabulous - I'm hoping that the bookshelf will be last - I am determined to get my book block on your shelf this quarter :) good luck and I'm sure you'll have fun working on whichever ones you choose first :)

  20. Wow! What a list. Knowing your output it'll probably only take you a few weeks!

  21. Oh my Nicky, These are a lot of porjects - and they are so gorgeous. Let´s see what you finish next - the houses? Love your pillow with yellow and teal


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