Saturday, 2 June 2012

My May in Fabric!

May was busy, busy, busy!

Top left and bottom right I made two Siblings Together quilts for a charity that re-unites kids in care with their siblings at a holiday camp so they can renew family bonds!  The quilts are coming with me to London tomorrow!  Made with help of the fabric kind from Katy and Yvonne - thank you ladies!  

My bee blocks have been sent off - Middle left converging corners to Jude for Bee Blessed - another charity making quilts for people in Belfast and Centre a stargazer block for May in my new bee Scrappy? Sew Bee it!

My big sampler quilt top centre and right I pushed to finish all that FMQ so I could enter the Blogger's  Quilt Festival for the first time!  That was fun and inspirational!

Leaving my sample swap items - which gave my a few headaches - trying to make sure my London skyline would feature on the side and not disappear round a corner or somewhere else!   I should have asked Helen aka archiethewonderdog - she loves maths!  I know - strange creature but I guess someone has to!   She helps me out all the time!  Thank you Helen - you are  a star

But there was also a pouch, chain and tag for Terri....

And one delightful one from her too

With personalised notebook....

Thanks Terri - you'll be seeing these soon again!

Oh and I'm still working on this one

And my next competition features this make from last month

More about my make here!   Voting now till 7th June and wow some great things to look at and drool over here!

Phew is that it ??  Must be time to link up with Lynne for more of that Fresh Sewing Day thing!


  1. what a lovely month it has been!
    Can't wait to see what will be on your ufo list for June.
    Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  2. You made some great things last month! Hope this month you make even more =D

  3. wow!! definitely were very busy last month...great inspiration :) And I voted for your competition on Pinterest :D

  4. Beautiful things! I love your sampler quilt.

  5. Lovely finishes. Your sampler quilt is gorgeous.

  6. Wonderful display of projects : )

  7. Your day and night must have more hours than the rest of us!!! Lovely thing you have made and the converging corners is fantastic! (Btw the stargazing block is for May not me).

  8. Wow, I hadn't realised you'd done all this in a month - crikey!! Definitely a busy (and gorgeous!) month!

  9. You have been busy! I especially love your sampler quilt. I don't usually care for sampler quilts but this is stunning with the colours you've used and the vanishing backgrounds :)

  10. Oh...!!!!
    Hi Nicky,
    such wonderful projects, you make so wonderful things, I love them :-)
    Greetings form Sabine


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