Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm Fixing a Hole where the Rain get's in....

And stops my mind from wandering....where it will goooooooo! Where it will gooooo!  (Beatles Sgt Pepper - for you youngsters!)

I was going to put this quilt top on my next Finish-along-with-Rhonda list to encourage me to put circles on every round hole which was the next step to finishing this UFO.  I am happy to say that having started all my hand sewing with it's sister quilt - the little back number - I just got on with it and filled in those holes, all done now already see:

The pattern is the same as my little black number but looks quite different I think!  It is called Kaleidoscope Hexagon and was designed by Carolyn Forster -  but this one I started calling my Polo Fruity Quilt as it reminded me of the bright colours of Polo Fruits.

I was then on the hunt for a border fabric and having tested out several bright solid colours and with a bit of help in narrowing it down from Saffy and the girls - we decided on Kona Cerise !  I only have a half metre of this so have ordered 2 more metres in the hope that I can make nice wide borders of yumminess to hold all that colour.

Can't wait for that order to arrive!  

I know I could prevaricate for Britain but it didn't really take that long to get this step done and I have been putting it off for ages.  Why?

I think that with the help of a few deadlines (thanks so much Rhonda!) and a bit more determination to finish, I may get most of my UFOs done.....

Unless I keep starting new things again!  My wishlist of projects I want to start up is getting longer and longer....can I hold off?

Stained Pink - still haven't decided on the fabric....
Swoon  - in Echo
Retro Flowers - maybe in Liberty, maybe not...
Granny Squares - probably in 30s repro
Carnival - possibly in Liberty and Oakshott cotton 
Hopscotch - do not know what to make this one in!

I think I may need professional help!  I am a serial patchworker - is that such a crime?


  1. Its NOT a crime around here!! I absolutly LOVE this quilt... so glad you filled in all the holes xx lol

  2. That quilt is gorgeous. As for being a serial patch-worker, you're in good company.

  3. LOL Dunno if I'd qualify for serial quilter, but serial planner and procrastinator maybe...
    Great progress Nicky, and I'm loving the sound of your list too.

  4. My list of quilts to start is as long as my list of quilts to finish. I am afraid we are beyond help which means just go forth and multiply. Lovely singing. Wonder if Sir Paul would like to reform Wings.....

  5. Welcome to Quilters Anonymous!! Polo fruits looks great with the cerise borders - perfect choice! Jxo

  6. It looks like hundreds of umbrellas viewed from above to me, and it looks absolutely FAB,

  7. I have the wanties! I love all the different centres and the cerise is amazing! Did you piece in the trapezium on the border or appliqué the top to the border? Are you hand quilting it? Love your 'Things I'm desperate to make' list - which one are you starting with?!

  8. That is one stunning quilt!!! Well done!

  9. phew, someone's list that is as long as mine!

  10. Gosh that's lovely - it looks like a wonderful stained glass window x

  11. Looks great Nicky, that's an impressive to quilt list!

  12. Serial patchworker! Too funny. Loving the cerise for the border. Sets off the colours beautifully.

  13. It looks fab! I have retro flowers and grannies on my potential list too, plus 3 other things I've planned all of my own

  14. Looks like a stained glass window!! So bright and funky!!

    Yes it is a crime soon you;ll hear people banging on your door to take you away! =P

  15. Oh I love this Nicky! It does look like Polo's, or those fruity Pacemakers (I think they were called) which had spiral colours on them. Well done on getting it done x

  16. Not a crime at all.
    Love this top too. With the light behind it it looks like a wonderful stain glassed window!
    Great job...

  17. Your quilt top looks fantastic !

  18. Oh Nicky! I love it! The holes are so reminds me of a circus or maybe beach umbrella's??? I don't know, but it is fun, fun, fun!!!! Bright and cheery!

  19. *gasp* ....catch my breath....another lovely one!

    When was I moving in? :)

    N x

  20. love love love that hexagon - its on my to do list now :) and love the cerise choice - I've just ordered 4 metres of that to go with my new york beauty blocks :)


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